Terms & Standards

Seasotra (Logistic) Ltd. trade to satisfy to the Terms of the BIFA — British International Freight Association & FIATA or European equivalent.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of Seasotra (Logistic) Ltd., all business is undertaken by us on the basis of our Standard Terms and Conditions.

Forwarder's Certificate of Receipt (FCR) is another way of shortening payment period for dispatched goods. This document may be an evidence that the cargo arrived in port and is held there at the disposal of the buyer — the new owner of the goods. Thus the supplier can negotiate payment against this document which is much faster in comparison with traditional payment against sea vessel bill of lading.

The same is true for payment against CMR (licensed trucking company bill showing that goods were dispatched on one of their vehicles).

For the convenience of our web-site visitors please find a link to the latest Incoterms 2010 edition in Wikipedia.